Lord Murugan Swamy Kartikaya Brass Idol


Measures: 7” (H) x 3.85” ( W) x 2” (D), weight: 2lbs


* The product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade.



Lord Murugan is called Lord Subrahmanyan or Lord Kartikeyan in North India. He is the elder son of Lord Shiva.

In this beautiful brass image of Lord Murugan we can see him standing in a graceful pose with one hand in Abhaya Mudra and the other hand placed on his hip. He is seen with his Peacock Vahan. There is also a cobra seen below.

The Keertimkha is placed on the Prabavali behind the idol. The Keerthimukha is known to ward off evil eyes. There is an  ornamental Prabhavali or the brass arch popularly acknowledged as “”PRABHAVALI”. This is usually paced behind most of the Hindu statues.

Lord Muruga is known to be kind to his devotees and grant all boons. He is the elder brother of Lord Ganesh.

Material: Solid brass

Height = 5 inches

height Length = 5.5 inches

Width = 3 inches


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