Annapakshi Oil lamp


Emporio Emerald brings you this Brass Intricate Design Oil Lamp with a lot of detailing to give it a pure ethnic Indian look. This Deepak stand is ideal for Pooja and Aarti. This can be kept in Home and Office as well for decoration. An Ideal Lamp for gifting to households during Festivals and decorating purposes and can also be given as souvenirs to your near and dear ones. It is an amazing piece of art where you are left with only imagining how it is made. Those who adore having such collectible items can decorate their homes and offices with this item.
*Ideal for Gifting.
*Ideal to decorate any corner of your house to make more DIVINE.
* Condition – UNUSED

DIMENSIONS – 13 X 19 X 6 centimetres
WEIGHT – 1.2 kg

Detailed Deepak – Oil Lamp Intricate designing Diya Stand Traditional Indian oil decorative lamps – brass Deepak Burning Lamp




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